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Miriam Allen (Teacher)
William Averiett (Teacher)
Judy Banning (Teacher)
John Barfield
Earle Barnette (Teacher)   
Evelyn Barnette
Carol Barton
Annette Blauel
Beth Brooks
Leo Brooks (Teacher)   
Bobby Brown (Teacher)   
Jerome Brown
Kenneth Brown
Russell Brown
Frances Bush Brubaker (Lasset…)   
Gloria Jean Bryant (Stokes)   
Dan Bunn
Carol Burt
Sadie Cagle (Mark Smith Offic…)   
Edward J. Cagle, Sr. (Mark Sm…)   
Emily S. Carey   
Margaret Anne Carswell
Katherine Carter
Ronald Carter    
Pauline Chenoweth
Jo An Chewning
Mary Clark
Mary Ella Clements (Mark Smit…)   
Butch Clifton
Elizabeth "Beth" Coleman
S. S. Copeland
Mary Creamer
Carolyn Cummings
Dinah Cutter (Brown)   
Dixie Cutter (Mark Smith Biol…)   
Harley Davidson, Jr.
James Davis
Mary Dieterich
Betty Dixon
Ruby Dodsen
R. E. Douglas
Rick Duncan
Clyde Dunn
Marian Dunn
William Eargle
Dee Ann Earle
Margaret Elkins
Jerry E. Eller   
Pinky Elliott
June Emmett
Donald English
Griff Ethridge   
Donald Fendley
Esther Gibson
Emily Glover
L. Judd Goodman
John T. Gordon, Jr.  
Judy Grandy
Bill Greene
Linda Gresham
Bruce Grimes
Jeanette Gurley
Jane Hall
Mary Ann Harrell   
Louise Harrison
Marcel Harrison  
Christine Harwell
Christina Hawkins
Ann Adella Henry   
Fredrice Herring
Barbara Hopkins
Marion Hornsby
Jane Howard
Patricia Howell
Adrianne Hudson
Mallory Inzer
Gwendolyn S. Jackson
Jimmie Louis Jackson
Jacques James
Joy Johnson
Elaine Jones
Lillian Jones
Lynda Jones
Martha Jones
John Jordan
Gwynneth Lamon   
Mary Landrum   
Pat Lash
Kathryn Lee
Evelyn Mabry
Patricia Matthews
Louise Maxwell (Lasseter Biol…)   
John Billy Mays
Marion McCarty
Juanita McCrary (Price)   
Ophelia McDavid   
John McMillian
Bill Meeks   
Mary Meeks
Mary Middlebrooks
Minnie Mitchell
Laura Mixon
Sherry Mosely
Jackie Myles
Anna Newberry (Redding)
Robert Nickels
Janice Nordan
Janice Norris
Arietta Ogburn   
Doris Olds
James Overby
William Paden
Emory Palmer
Zeph Pate
Carolyn Peacock
Mary Pellew   
Norma Phillips
Vennis Pope
Luther B Ray
Frances Rooks
Martha Ross
Judith Rouse
Bonwell Royal
Dana Sayer
Melvyn H. Schoychid
Carole Seabrookes
Jo Banks Sheftall
Leunette L Shrigley
Gustav Small
Cleveland Smith
Ben Snipes    
Donald Speir
Jane Steck   
Carolyn Stodghill
Felorine Stroud
Lee Swann
Mary Tamblyn
Laura Taylor
Brenda Thomas (Brown)
Elizabeth Thomas
Barbara Wade
Nelle Wade   
Mary Walden
Janet Walker
Brenda Walton (Thomas)
Ann Warlick (Williams)   
Nancy Warlick
Dorothy Watson
Donald Webb
Loydia Webber
Hamilton Weston
Minton Williams, Sr.   
Bill Wilson
Helen Wilson (Adams)   
Velma Wohlford   
G. Lewis Wright   
Mary Alice Wynn
Sandra Young (Beaty)   
Troy Lonnie Young

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