How well do you know your high schools?

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1)   In 1965 Mark Smith/Lasseter were considered one of the “most modern & well equipped” schools in the state featuring the much-lauded complete ______?

2)   How many football games did Mark Smith win in 1965?

3)   In 1965, Lasseter had the Trick ‘n Treat Talent Show. Who won?

  Judy Jenkins
  The Blazers
  Mary Scaggs
  The Seekers
  I don't know
4)   Eighth grader Lynda Lester named the Lasseter Newspaper. Which one of these choices was NOT on her list?

  The Lasseter Light
  Lasseter Lighthouse
  Lasseter Lantern
  The Lasseter Lamppost
  I don't know
5)   In 1966 Lasseter had the Ugliest Girl Contest. Who won?

  Annette Allen
  Polly Roberts
  Barbara Battcher
  Cathy Stephens
  I don't know
6)   What Mark Smith student's father was on the Board of Education?

7)   * Who was a two-year editor of the Lasseter Lantern?

  Licia Drinnon
  Valeria Murphey
  Karen Outzs
  Dianne Wood
  I don't know
8)   Which Mark Smith football player excelled with the Georgia Bulldogs and went on to play professional football for the Detroit Lions and the Buffalo Bills?

9)   * Who was the only African American graduate to attend Lasseter the entire five years?

  Lydia Mitchum
  Mary Lou Morris
  Stacia Sampson
  Linda Anderson
  I don't know
10)   * Which Mark Smith graduate rose through the ranks in the Macon Police Department to eventually serve as the Macon Police Chief?

11)   * Which brother and sister were both selected as newspaper editors at one time, but not necessarily the same year?

12)   How many Homecoming Queens did we have during our school years?

13)   * We have two Lasseter graduates who both spent their careers in the sky as airline flight attendants.

  Penny Wooten (1968)
  Julie Hofstetter (1969)
  Jackie Bell (1967)
  Jan Jackson (1970)
14)   Which teacher co-owned a clothing store during her time at Lasseter?

15)   Which four of the following were voted Mr. Mark Smith?

  J.W. McKinnie
  Melton Strozier
  Bob McDavid
  Alfred Johnson
  Billy Kilgore
  Scott Judd
  William Simpson
  Dan Peterson
16)   Which Lasseter alumni started the first choral program at Mount De Sales Academy?

  Helen Wilson
  Margie Barker
  Donna Reeves
  Joy Bedgood
17)   Which brother and sister were both voted superlatives during the same year?

18)   This graduate, the former Associate Director of the Dean Rusk Center School of Law at the University of Georgia, later became the Director of the Environmental Ethics Certificate Program & has written & edited books on everything from feminist international law to an anthology of Southern nature writing.

19)   Which Mark Smith student had a sister who was a Lasseter teacher while he was a student?

20)   Who was Lasseter's first Valedictorian in 1967?

  Valeria Murphey
  Patty Richardson
  Pam Kelly
  Teresa Adams
  I don't know
21)   Who was Mark Smith's first Salutatorian in 1967?

  Billy Griffin
  Tom Richardson
  John David Mullins
  Chip Ridley
  I don't know