As a previous participant in our annual Reunion Golf Tournament, we need your help to determine if there is enough interest to hold the tournament. 

Please answer the survey below to let us know if you have registered or plan to participate; if not, please help us by sharing the reason(s) why you will not be playing golf. Your answers will not be seen by any other classmates.

Thanks for your help!

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1)   * Please check one regarding your registration for the 2022 Golf Tournament. If you do not plan to participate, please answer question #2 and indicate your reason(s) for not playing.

  I have already registered.
  I plan to register before the July 1st deadline.
  I do not plan to participate in the golf tournament this year.
2)   I will not be participating in the 2022 Golf Tournament because (you may select more than one reason):

  I will not be attending any MSL reunion activities this year.
  I will be out of town.
  I have a previous commitment that Friday.
  My teammates in the past are not playing this year.
  My health is impaired such that I cannot play.
  The weather is too hot.
  I just don't feel like playing any more.
  The price is too high.